Sunday, 30 June 2013

Confederation Lake to Vomit Vista Blowdown All Cleared

Looking northeast from Vomit Vista near Confederation Lake. Powell Lake lies down below in the middle distance, with the Rainbow Range rising behind it, and in the far distance to the right the South Powell Divide still displays a healthy cover of snow in the first week of summer.

Another view from VV in a more eastward direction: Tin Hat Mountain on the other side of Giavanno Valley.

Pat and Ron at a late lunch on VV. Now all the blowdown in this km-long section of trail is bucked, and the SCT is cleared all the way from Sarah Point to the a short stretch on lower Walt Hill where reportedly some intermittent blowdown will slow you down but not stop you from getting through and on to Walt Hill Hut on top. That blowdown is on the maintenance schedule and should be taken care of next week.

During our descent back down from Confederation Lake Bruce is enjoying a water break.

A couple of minutes later, just as we were getting ready to resume heading for the comfort of the Crummy we met a solo hiker going up to Confederation. Pedro is hiking the Sunshine Coast Trail solo and was at this point four days into his trek from Sarah Point, aiming to do the whole of the SCT in one go. Now that's rare.

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