Tuesday, 12 June 2012

REOPENED: Manzanita - Gwendoline Hills and Eagle River

The section of the SCT that runs from Malaspina Road to Manzanita Hut in part through the private managed forest lands has been reopened again. The loggers are finished and the remaining wood piled about will be apparently taken out by firewood contractors in the fall. That means the occasional pick up truck coming in and cleaning up. It is our understanding that the area will be replanted in the next planting season.

The section of the SCT heading north from the Dixon Road crossing is reopened again. The massive trees that blew over in the March storms this year are still not salvaged but a temporary reroute goes around the boots and boles and makes passage possible. In the coming weeks Western will salvage the blow down.

Passage through the old Fiddlehead Farm is also reopened again as the nearby logging is complete.