Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Trailday, December 20, Rainy Day Lake to Freil Falls Vista

Marking the Rainy Day Lake Trail today, and up to Freil Falls Vista, and down onto the end of the old Marquis wood road, now used for the Saltery Bay Trail. Remediated the fire ring also. Terry, Don, Scott, Ron, Bill and Eagle. We roasted Bavarian smokies on the fire for lunch, and enjoy blue though crisp skies. Perhaps three more outings and this neck of the woods will be marked, signed and cleaned out too.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Elk Lake in Winter

Terry and Grant took a ride up to Elk Lake and it was snowing harder the higher they got. Nearing Elk Lake it stopped snowing, but the snow was deep and they put on their snow shoes. Then they tramped to the hut.

Tuesday Trailday - December 13 Fairview Bay Trail

On Trailday Tuesday eight guys came out to buck, clear, and mark the Fairview Bay Trail. They split into two crews one working on the section from the Hydro Towers to Fairview Bay, and the other completing from Rainy Day Lake to Fairview Bay. Above Bruce G and Alex C finish their lunch and get ready to work the return leg.

Ron is putting on his glove, ready for action. The Rainy Day Lake Hut is in good condition. Thank you folks for keeping it tidy.  Pictures by Willy. The other crew starting at the Towers included Don, Terry, Trevor and Andy, and now the whole trail is easy to follow. Next week on Tuesday, we will be heading out to Saltery Bay again, and this time we will mark the Saltery Bay Trail from Saltery Bay via Marquis' old road up to Freil Falls Vista and on to RDL and up to the East Troubridge parking lot under the wires. Call  Eagle for details: 604-483-9565. Gathering at 8.30 am at Scott's place, and 9.00 am at the Saltery Bay gravel parking lot next to the new log dump.                                                                    

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Escalator OGMA trail

Last Tuesday, Terry, Bill O and Eagle drove out to Saltery Bay and cut out a bunch of blow-down, and removed the woody debris. They also put up plenty of the orange-red metal markers, one within sight of the other, to provide a sense of comfort to hikers new to the trail.

They got as far as the Hydro Towers, where the lines hang suspended between there and Nelson Island.

Trail Clearing Malaspina to Manzanita

The crew split into two groups last Tuesday Trail-day, and cleaned up the Gwendoline Hills Trail from Malaspina Road to Manzanita Hut, meeting in the middle: Ron, Eagle, Don, Andy, Alex, Bruce - and Terry the photographer. All the dead-fall has been removed, and the markers are easy to follow. There are two benches along the way.

The howling November wind storm uprooted a large Douglas fir and dropped it across the Gwendoline Hills Trail.

Ron made short shrift of the blowdown. Andy counts over 200 rings (years) in the bole.
A little trimming of the sharp edges provides a more inviting passage. Don gives it the stamp of approval.

A chain of yellow fungus grows on a mossy, rotting trunk that dropped eons ago in the forest.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Tin Hat, December 4, 2011

I could drive my Tracker about 1/3 way up the Old Tin Hat road and cleverly stopped before I got stuck in snow and steep rise. Slow walked with breaks, took 2 hours to top. Snow shoes were helpful, not necessary yet, but soon to be. 1-2 feet of wet snow. Trail extremely well-marked
Cabin looks great. Excellent job to the men who built it.
Lots of rabbit tracks, how do they survive the winter?
Cloudy so no views but a worthwhile day!
Peter Behr