Thursday, 15 December 2011

Tuesday Trailday - December 13 Fairview Bay Trail

On Trailday Tuesday eight guys came out to buck, clear, and mark the Fairview Bay Trail. They split into two crews one working on the section from the Hydro Towers to Fairview Bay, and the other completing from Rainy Day Lake to Fairview Bay. Above Bruce G and Alex C finish their lunch and get ready to work the return leg.

Ron is putting on his glove, ready for action. The Rainy Day Lake Hut is in good condition. Thank you folks for keeping it tidy.  Pictures by Willy. The other crew starting at the Towers included Don, Terry, Trevor and Andy, and now the whole trail is easy to follow. Next week on Tuesday, we will be heading out to Saltery Bay again, and this time we will mark the Saltery Bay Trail from Saltery Bay via Marquis' old road up to Freil Falls Vista and on to RDL and up to the East Troubridge parking lot under the wires. Call  Eagle for details: 604-483-9565. Gathering at 8.30 am at Scott's place, and 9.00 am at the Saltery Bay gravel parking lot next to the new log dump.                                                                    

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