Thursday, 10 December 2009

Logging near Mile 4 Goat Main: Upper Eagle River and Smokey's Blue Ridge Trails

Stuart Glen of Western Forest Products writes to advise us of the following:

"We are commencing pre-poling activities in ST-245 tomorrow and therefore will need to close the SCT when we are falling adjacent. I will have the contractor post signage for the periods when they will be within reach of the trail. The Goat Main Loop is also closed as the poles are being yarded to this road."

Avoid this area for the time being and choose another section to hike. It may be a month or more, as it is weather dependent.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Fairview Bay Shelter

During the summer and early fall we cleared the site at Fairview Bay, carving a clearing out of the forest at the edge of the bay, tossing logs into the firewood pile, levelling the building site by hand.

In October we were given the go ahead to start the building.

Foundations first of course.

Then the posts and beams...

and trusses



slogging in the eye of the hurricane

putting the finishing touches to pony walls

Another picnic table for inside, a bench, and we'll be good for a few good laughs. Watch out for the trolls under the bridge.

Many thanks to the volunteers. And thanks to the businesses and organizations who are giving us a break, in particular , Island Coastal Economic Trust, PR Regional District, City of Powell River, and UBCM, plus the former artificial reef society and Island Girl water taxi.

Enjoy this first of a handful of shelters on the Sunshine Coast Trail in good spirits and good health.