Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Okeover Trail

Today Doug and Peter and I completed bucking the remaining blowdown and moving it off the Okeover Trail, as well as attaching more markers on the northern section. A handful of ephemeral streams cut across the trail, and one near the exit would benefit from a small crossing. Something to consider for the future.

Now you can hike end to end. If you don't wish to double back on the trail or on three klicks of Southview Road you can leave a car at both ends of the trail. Today it was a lovely sunny day above the fog down below in the Inlet.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Atrevida Loop

On Saturday Eagle and I taped out a new route to by-pass the private propery clear cut near the beginning of the loop. Today we along with Syd and Doug cleared this new route and a fine job we did. To get to this new by-pass just continue up the old left arm for about a 100 meters and you will see the new trail leading off to the right. Enjoy!

Peter, Eagle. Syd and Doug.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Granite Lake

Date: Feb 02, 2008 (sorry for the delay)

Drove up granite Lake Rd. 3/4 way to washout. Tough snowshoeing with wet deep snow and endless downed alders with big snow loads. This will need a long day of chain sawing (maybe by Quad club). We finally made it to Granite Lake in 3-4 hours which included a detour to try the trail up (never found it) Only 1 hour back down with trees pushed out of way and snowshoe track made by the 3 of us. Anyway we did reach Granite Lake and walked across it to have lunch on the little Island in the middle of the lake (don't try this at home kids).
Peter B

Friday, 1 February 2008

Okeover Trail (Rec Project)

Friday morning six of us drove up to the end of Okeover Trail and worked our way south, through a whole bunch of blowdown and salal. Many hands make light work. We need another day to finish the historic Rec Project, one of the first trails in the Powell River region that was created by the BC Forest Service. The middle part of it travels along at the interface of mature forest with immature forest. It snowed, then warmed up and got misty (camera fog). The crew surveys its work: Misty, Heidi, Doug, Peter and Hank.