Friday, 21 September 2012

Old Tin Hat road/trail open again

The old Tin Hat road/trail is reopened again. We drove up the old road/trail last
Sunday, September 16th...

...and worked down from the cabin on the East Ridge section of the East Tin Hat Ridge Trail.

We brushed out again the last missing klick down to where we had left off coming from below about a month or so ago, putting up markers and bucking deadfall on that outing. This past Sunday we also marked with the red metal markers, plus put up flagging tape for winter conditions.

In the next few weeks, or sooner, Western Forest Products will be blasting to build a road below the lower section of the East Tin Hat Ridge trail and so that section will have to be closed temporarily. Day hikers have to use the old Tin Hat road/trail coming and going to the hut, or through hiking...

...from Fiddlehead Landing
to Elk Lake and huts farther south
via Tin Hat (donated carving by B. Fader).

AlphaBetaGamma E-100 Knuckleheads open again

Rick writes:

"FYI Alpha Beta Gamma E 100 in open to 4X4. Just don't try to get a 3/4 ton in as there are a couple of narrow spots."
Thanks for the work, Rick and confreres. Just in time for fall and winter expeditions.