Monday, 3 November 2014

Temporary Sunshine Coast Trail Section Closure

West Tin Hat Trail section of the SCT between Fiddlehead and Tin Hat is closed temporarily while a logging road construction crew has to blast in the area. Detour signage has been posted by Western Forest Products at the relevant trail and road intersections. The detour uses Giavanno Mainline to get around the DANGER Zone. It is an interesting road to walk as the area is also frequented by a herd of elk from time to time. The road hotline is updated as well (604-485-3100) and tells you about current traffic conditions.

 Western FP has designed the adjacent cutblock in such a way that the logging will be a minimum of 10 m to 15 m from the trail. The edge of the buffer zone will be windfirmed after the logging is finished so as to give trees in the buffer zone a far better chance of remaining upright during the storms. Powell River Parks and Wilderness Society (PRPAWS - 1992), the builders and guardians of the SCT appreciates this practice very much indeed.