Monday, 22 December 2008

SCT-Section 2

Paul C. , Steve E and I walked the Sunshine Coast Trail from Wilde Rd to Wildwood.
There was an average of 2 inches of snow on the ground. The snow made everything look spectacular.

Thethyeth Lake was frozen but not the Sliammon Lakes.

Paul said the bird in the picture is a sapsucker.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Trail clearing activities since September

Sep 1 West Tin Hat - John Cogswell and Eagle Walz(JC&EW)
Sep 2 West Tin Hat - Bruce MacDonald, Ron Sellers and EW(BM&RS&EW)
Sep 7 West Tin Hat - JC&EW
Sep 16 March Lake to Elk Lake - BM&EW
During Sep: all Duck Lake Trails by BOMB Squad
Sep 23 Rainy Day Lake, Fairview, Saltery Bay - BM&RS&EW
Sept 30 Walt Hill - BM&RS&EW
Oct 2 Toquenatch - BOMB Squad
Oct 2 Coyote Lake - JS&EW
Oct 7 Knuckleheads road clearing to Beta lake - BM&RS
Oct 7 Gwendoline Hills - SG&EW
Oct 14 Saltery Bay and at Lois Lake BM&RS
Oct 16 BOMB: Marathon Ridge and Toquenatch
Oct 21 Gallagher Hill, weed eating and cutting out trees - BMRS
Oct 23 Toquenatch boardwalk - BOMB Squad
Oct 23 Installing Millennium Park signs-EW
Oct 27 Elk Lake Loop - ResultsBasedForestManagement(RBFM)&EW
1o days in Oct/Nov: RBFM/PR CommunityForest leared Elk Lake Loop, and Coyote Lake to Walt Hill - fixed swimming docks, campsites
Oct 28 Fred's Trail around Blue Trail south to Hammil Hill - BOMB Squad
Nov 2 Coyote Lake - RBFM&EW
Nov 4 Grouse Ridge and Jacqie's Lookout also on Dec 11, 18, 25 - BM&RS&RT
Nov 11 Haywire Bay to and around Lost Lake - Bob Innes, BM&RS
Nov 11 Elk Lake - JS&EW
All of Nov - BOMB Squad: at Girl Guides camp, building a trail and an obstacle course
Dec 9 SCT Wednesday Lake to Manzanita Bluffs to Spire access trail - BM&RS
Dec 9 Lois Lakeshore beaverdam bypass - SG&EW
Dec 11 BOMB Squad: Cable Trail
Dec 14 Lois Lakeshore beaverdam bypass - SG&EW
Dec 16 Lois Lakeshore beaverdam bypass BM&RS&SG&EW
Dec 18 BOMB Squad: Started fixing Suicide boardwalk where flooded at Goya

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Tin Hat

Saturday we got an early start and planned on driving to Goat2 to go up Triple Peaks. But the road looked snowy so we went to Tin Hat instead. Snow shoes were useful but not necessary. We parked at the turnoff from the road that goes back to Haslam. The snow was light and fluffy and about a foot deep at the Fiddlehead junction. Breaking trail was slow so we took over 3 hours to get up to the top which was cold and windy. A couple soon followed in our tracks.
It was a nice day to be in the snow. But it snowed on the way home and has since frozen so it is hard to tell what conditions will be next weekend. They used to plow that main road but I heard it may not get plowed this winter.

Peter Behr

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Access to the E Branch Cabin has been fixed. The deactivation project removed two of the upper bridges and saw many large water bars installed. John M and his ATV crew came to the rescue and pulled a second log across upper Alpha Creek and got it decked for us, a big thanks to them. Then they ran some small culverts up to the water bars where we are installing them.

We hiked some lumber up to Water Can Junction where we have made a bridge to get access up to E-400 and the cabin. This will be replaced next summer with a long term structure. Western Forest Products will supply some materials and we are working with them to get e 100 brushed to the Beta Lake Trail head.

Only trace amount of snow at cabins with this mild weather. Went up to the Lunchspot two weeks ago and there was @ 8 inches of snow there.