Friday, 19 December 2008

Trail clearing activities since September

Sep 1 West Tin Hat - John Cogswell and Eagle Walz(JC&EW)
Sep 2 West Tin Hat - Bruce MacDonald, Ron Sellers and EW(BM&RS&EW)
Sep 7 West Tin Hat - JC&EW
Sep 16 March Lake to Elk Lake - BM&EW
During Sep: all Duck Lake Trails by BOMB Squad
Sep 23 Rainy Day Lake, Fairview, Saltery Bay - BM&RS&EW
Sept 30 Walt Hill - BM&RS&EW
Oct 2 Toquenatch - BOMB Squad
Oct 2 Coyote Lake - JS&EW
Oct 7 Knuckleheads road clearing to Beta lake - BM&RS
Oct 7 Gwendoline Hills - SG&EW
Oct 14 Saltery Bay and at Lois Lake BM&RS
Oct 16 BOMB: Marathon Ridge and Toquenatch
Oct 21 Gallagher Hill, weed eating and cutting out trees - BMRS
Oct 23 Toquenatch boardwalk - BOMB Squad
Oct 23 Installing Millennium Park signs-EW
Oct 27 Elk Lake Loop - ResultsBasedForestManagement(RBFM)&EW
1o days in Oct/Nov: RBFM/PR CommunityForest leared Elk Lake Loop, and Coyote Lake to Walt Hill - fixed swimming docks, campsites
Oct 28 Fred's Trail around Blue Trail south to Hammil Hill - BOMB Squad
Nov 2 Coyote Lake - RBFM&EW
Nov 4 Grouse Ridge and Jacqie's Lookout also on Dec 11, 18, 25 - BM&RS&RT
Nov 11 Haywire Bay to and around Lost Lake - Bob Innes, BM&RS
Nov 11 Elk Lake - JS&EW
All of Nov - BOMB Squad: at Girl Guides camp, building a trail and an obstacle course
Dec 9 SCT Wednesday Lake to Manzanita Bluffs to Spire access trail - BM&RS
Dec 9 Lois Lakeshore beaverdam bypass - SG&EW
Dec 11 BOMB Squad: Cable Trail
Dec 14 Lois Lakeshore beaverdam bypass - SG&EW
Dec 16 Lois Lakeshore beaverdam bypass BM&RS&SG&EW
Dec 18 BOMB Squad: Started fixing Suicide boardwalk where flooded at Goya

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