Sunday, 30 November 2008

Knucklehead (Alpha, Beta, Gamma)

The road to Alpha Beta Gamma and the start of the Knuckleheads trail was in passable shape. It could use some care. The alders will scratch at the sides of a 4x4 but quads would be ok. The road (E 100 I think) only had wet snow on it the last couple of km. We drove to about 1 km from the trailhead. The snow was very wet and was melting. If it stays warm a couple of more days the road will be passable to the trailhead. If it freezes up there and snows more only really skookum vehicles will get through.

The trail was in good shape. At the beginning there are a couple of steep slippery places but the rest was fine. I did wear snow shoes and recommend them after the first km of trail under present conditions. The snow stayed wet all the way to the top of the smaller Knuckle. It took us about 2 1/2 hours to walk from the parked 4x4 to the top. It was foggy and misty with the occasional "window view".

I tagged the trail with green ribbons here and there where the trail was not obvious.
IF you go there bring snowshoes. If it freezes hard bring crampons. Funny to see a melt this time of year.

Peter Behr

PS I found a BC license plate: 799GTR. Whose is it?

Monday, 24 November 2008

Emma Lake trail as of Nov. 23, 2008

The road to Emma Lake trail was in good shape and had no snow on it. There is still that stream to cross but water is low.

The trail was in good shape at the beginning, one tree down, but as the trees thinned out the snow got deeper to 1/2 meter towards Maria Lake. I did not bring snow shoes so the walking got tiring. I turned back but really enjoyed the beauty of a snowy, winter walk with lots of great views of Mt Alfred and Mt Slide.

I tagged the bottom 1/3 of the trail with yellow ribbons on the way down. IF you go there bring snowshoes and a few people so you can take turns breaking trail.

Peter Behr