Friday, 19 January 2007

Trail Update #1, 2007

Hello Everybody,

Update on the trails cleared out since the storms: The Hurtado Point Loop is now all cleared out. A lovely place to visit with great views. Other trails reported earlier as cleared: Mud Lake/Yew Trail Loop, Appleton Canyon,

We are working to open as many trails as we can. It would be very helpful to get reports back from all trail users, either telling us what's been cleared already by volunteers, and also what needs clearing yet. That way we can pass on the information to you for what is open, and concentrate on opening more that are currently littered with windfall.

It would make our job considerably easier to be able to pinpoint what needs to be done. This would eliminate wasting our limited time going out taking the chainsaws for a hike and finding a particular trail is already cleared. There are probably close to 400 km of trails in the area, and we don't know yet the extent of the damage to the trails, whether we have another West Coast Trail or Stanley Park situation. So please, if you've been out recently, or will become aware in the coming weeks of work that needs doing, or for that matter - not doing, let us know. It would really be a huge help.

We will post the information on Newsbulletins and you'll be able to head out to trails that are already cleared, instead of finding yourself trapped by blowdowns somewhere along the way.

Thank you. Happy trails.