Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Trail Clearing Malaspina to Manzanita

The crew split into two groups last Tuesday Trail-day, and cleaned up the Gwendoline Hills Trail from Malaspina Road to Manzanita Hut, meeting in the middle: Ron, Eagle, Don, Andy, Alex, Bruce - and Terry the photographer. All the dead-fall has been removed, and the markers are easy to follow. There are two benches along the way.

The howling November wind storm uprooted a large Douglas fir and dropped it across the Gwendoline Hills Trail.

Ron made short shrift of the blowdown. Andy counts over 200 rings (years) in the bole.
A little trimming of the sharp edges provides a more inviting passage. Don gives it the stamp of approval.

A chain of yellow fungus grows on a mossy, rotting trunk that dropped eons ago in the forest.

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