Tuesday, 23 July 2013

ALL CLEAR - SCT free to hike from Sarah Point to Saltery Bay


After nearly 2000 man/woman hours of taking our chainsaws for "strolls" the volunteers of Powell River Parks and Wilderness Society (PR PAWS) and friends are happy to report that the winter's blown down trees, jungly patches of brambles and other obstacles have been removed from the Sunshine Coast Trail. Hikers can now follow the cleared trail from end to end. Of course attention still needs to be paid so as not to be inadvertently drawn off the trail by easy looking options, usually at road crossings.

Also around Tin Hat you have to pay attention because Western Forest Products (WFP) is building new roads in the general area and will be doing some blasting at various times, necessitating closing either the Tin Hat East Ridge, or the old Tin Hat road/trail. That means hikers have to take either the old road/trail if the East Ridge and the East side of Lewis Lake is closed, or taking the East Ridge option if the old road/trail is closed. 
The blasted rock can fly several hundred metres. Call Western Forest Products before setting out to make sure you know which option you must exercise (1)-604-485-3100, or the WFP road report at (1)-604-485-3132. 
The forest might get too hot and work will be shut down so there will be no road building or logging, meaning you will be able to use one or the other of the options that will take you around Lewis Lake, either on the east side, or the west side.

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