Monday, 24 June 2013

East Tin Hat, Elephant Lake, March Lake and Elk Lake Updates

In the last 2 weeks we have opened up blowdown areas on East Tin Hat, and Elephant Lake as well as cleaned up the inside route of Elk Lake Loop. We also cleared blowdown on Rainy Day Lake to Fairview Bay Main and sections of the trail in the Smith Range.


Driving on our way to clear trail on Sunday we encountered a doe with its fawn sauntering along the highway to Saltery Bay. They were not shy at all.


The bear on the other hand turned away from 
 the side of the road where he had been foraging, and headed for the bush.

This is Elk Lake hut and it's now easy to get to from March Lake or from Granite Lake where the loop has been cleaned up and the blueberry bushes trimmed back.

Ron and Craig are on a mission: Day Two of clearing the rest of the March Lake SCT section. They have a sense they can finish it on this second outing. Two other members of the team were working on the northern section of the trail.

On another Sunday outing, Doug and Kate helped take care of the tangled mess of the East Tin Hat section, and went halfway down to Lewis Main at KM 5, putting up markers that had been far and few between. All better now. You won't get lost there now heading down through Pipes Canyon.

Yesterday, Ken and I cleared the Rainy Day Trail section and came across a trail closure warning that had been forgotten by the loggers after they were finished building road down below. It's all open now, and there is no more confusion. The way is free and clear down to Fairview Bay shelter.

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