Monday, 13 May 2013

Trail Clearing as of May 12, 2013

Elephant Lake Trail  from Lois Lakeshore Trail section up onto Branch 42 an on to KM 150 on Branch 43 
Is all cleared now. In a couple more weeks the snow line will have moved up higher and we will carry on clearing to Elephant Lake and Mount Troubridge, and also the Rainy Day Lake sided of the SCT.
Jessie's carved chair bench on Creek #4 at Branch 42. Jim and Scott are enjoying a lunch break by the rushing creek. The last picture is a viewpoint we are developing along the upper spur of Branch 42. You can see Lois Lake and the Horseshoe Valley with Freda in the distance.
Ron and friends have recently cleared Tony's Trail along Powell Lake. Together the crews are getting more and more sections of the SCT cleared and ready for unobstructed hiking, but it's often a long distance to hike with your chainsaw and then to cut as you go. Also clear is the northern sector from Sarah Point to town, and in the south, from Goat Main Mile 4 down and across Eagle River and all the way along to the end of Lois Lakeshore to Creek #4, and of course up from there to almost Elephant Lake.

If you are aware of an area that is particularly severely impacted by the winter blowdown please let us know by emailing:

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