Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Pipes Canyon - Lewis Lake - Spring Lake (KM 92 to 98)

On Monday,  Jim, Steve and I cleared the Lewis Lake section around the east side of the lake to the road by the effluent near Mile 3 of Lewis Main.
Looking across Lewis Lake toward the campground on the southwest side.

Sometimes you will come across temporary maps posted by the logging company to indicate which part of the trail is closed and which is open, and how you can get around it. It's best to call Western Forest Products to find out which is what. 604-485-3100.


On Tuesday, seven of us went up to clear the Spring Lake section adjacent to Lewis Lake on the south side, and the Pipes Canyon section, adjacent to it to the north.

Now the sections from Pipes Canyon (part of East Tin Hat Mountain Trail) near KM 92 all the way to Spring Lake have been cleared out. We now need to check the remainder of East Tin Hat, about a 3 km long section.

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