Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Thunder Ridge cutblock section - AGAIN

On Sunday Scott, Margot, Susan and I went to clean out the cutblock section of Thunder Ridge Trail (SCT) which is producing exhuberant growth and needed yet another sweaty sweep by Mr. Weedwhacker and crew, the third one this year. It will be perhaps another three or four years before the unstocked block will produce large enough alders to close the crowns and finally diminish the need for excessive clearance.

Someone had gone in ahead of us a few weeks ago and taken a swath of salmonberries and fireweed out. That made our task much easier and we widened the opening. We want to thank whoever it was that cleaned out this section. Much appreciated. It should be good now for the remainder of this year. We also put up signs and eliminated a couple of questionable turns so now no one should get off the trail.
(The picture of Freke Anchorage at the mouth of Toquenatch Creek - Okeover Inlet was taken from the viewpoint just 200 m uphill from the top of the cutblock.)

(Does anyone know the name of this insect? It was about an inch and a half long. Please advise.)

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Eagle said...

Dipper informs us that we are looking at a "banded alder borer".