Monday, 28 July 2008

Peter Behr's high country report

I did the Centre Lakes in June which was in good shape both road and trail. Crampons were useful.

View from the Knuckleheads in mid July

E Branch to Alpha, Beta, Gamma road bed ok for 4x4s but the Alders are really thick on roadside and scatched my Tracker and knocked off the passenger mirror. We did drive to the trailhead.
The hike was a bit slippery due to snow and crampons were useful. In a couple of weeks the snow will be gone This is one of the easiest and prettiest mountain hikes in this area. Hoping for a machine to clear the road.

Anyone know when Plutonic/Kiewit will allow us to drive Goat Lake 2? IT has been cut off due to falling.

Anyone going to Lockey's Table this Aug/Sept and want another hiker?

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