Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Lower Browne Creek Trail

An unexpectedly sunny morning lured us out, and so we took the chainsaw for a walk. We parked at the gate on Dinner Rock Road, just above where Browne Creek Trail intersects the paved road that runs down to the campsite. Right away we came upon trees that had fallen across the road, before we even got on the trail. We found a good supply of blowdown to cut and clear all along the trail and more across the creek over toward the Hurtado Point/Bay Loop which we had cleared out yesterday.
The railing of the Browne Creek footbridge was damaged by a blowdown at one end, but we cut the bole out of the way, and the bridge is still servicable. There remains one larger tree beyond there that can be easily climbed over, and still needs cutting with the big saw. Other than that the trail is clear now, but would benefit from a bit more sweeping of small woody debris.
If you carry a staff it's easy to flick small branches off the trail without much effort, and no bending down and picking up things. A little flick with the wrist and the offending branch sails off to the side of the trail. Give it a try sometime. Any longish stick, five feet or so, will do the trick. It's actually fun, just ask Peter.
We'll be going over the Upper Browne Creek Trail (to the south of Dinner Rock Road, and uphill to the large wooden trailhead sign up on the highway near Old Mine Road). Conditions of that section are unknown as of this point.

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