Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Hurtado Point Loop

First day of 2008. Found Hurtado Point/Bay Loop in reasonably good shape with only a couple of dozen smaller blowdowns. Trail is now swept clear of fallen branches, and any blowdown trees have been cut out of the way. Syd and Cheryl had been through the loop a few weeks ago. Thank you. Peter and I found a plastic fan rake at the junction of where the trail branches off down to Hurtado Bay about 100 m above the bay. We left it there propped up against a tree, with its green and orange rakers inviting a little sweeping.

We don't know what the condition beyond the loop is toward Browne Creek at this time, but are aware Browne Creek Trail itself has a few trees down across the wheelchair accessible section that needs to be cleared, although it is navigable by and large.

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