Monday, 21 January 2008

Haywire Bluff Trail

We cleared the Haywire Bluff Trail. Heavy blowdown in the Haywire Park area was already cut out by BOMB Squad. This area has had four Bomb Squad work parties, and two from PAWS. The trees just seem to like falling down here. It's actually quite interesting to walk through the devastation caused by nature. The Haywire Bluff section above the logging spur lost three or four old growth snags, one falling right across the trail. There are still a few dozen left along the way. We relocated the trail around the veteran's root ball to the right, where a little grubbing is still in order. It's nothing nasty, just 10 m not yet grubbed.
The view from the top is as gorgeous as ever, looking down Powell Lake, the marina, the bridge, the smokestack of the mill, with Vancouver Island in the distance, and east, across to the snowcapped Smith Range. The hike takes under an hour with the climb having been made quite tolerable through switchbacks, almost grandma and grandpa approved.

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