Monday, 20 February 2012

Tin Hat Feb 18/19

Tin Hat trail report: Went up to Tin Hat on Sat Feb 18 via the South section of SCT trail. Found that the trail was closed where it crosses the road at the back of Lewis lake, so we drove through the cut blocks and started near Cranberry & Sofia ponds. The first section of trail was bad near the block, but it got better soon after (less windfalls).
Unfortunately it rained/sloppy snowed on us the first 1.5 hours and we were soaked even in the trees. The trail was very rough and in many parts and not really a trail at all lots of the time (but that just added to the adventure), but thankfully it was recently flagged and was easy to follow, until we got to closer to the top and deeper snow.
From there it became a game of find the next ribbon, but we managed. We didn't put our snow shoes on until about 1/2 way up. Near the top the ribbons were buried lots of the time and the last section to the cabin was extremely steep and almost impassable. In total it took us 4.5 hours up and I wouldn't recommend it, until the trail is worked on more...

5-7' of snow at the cabin and we got a nice view a few times. There was 1/4 bag of pellets left at the cabin, one bottle of fire starter and we donated some candles *as there is no lantern) and a few more dishes, but there still aren't much so bring pots/pans. Also no sink or anything to wash dishes in easily. I'm sure someone will bring more supplies when spring comes.

Next day We took the road down and it was much better. Well marked and snow to about half way down where some people had driven to. Took us 1.5 hours to walk to the bottom of the road where it meets the cut block. A very hard, but rewarding journey overall. Thanks for the cabin and all the hard work on the trails.


Unknown said...

Would have liked to see some pictures posted.

Eagle said...

Surprised you made it up the East Tin Hat ROUTE in winter conditions. We anticipate beginning with the upgrading of the Route to Trail status sometime after the snow is gone. We had to reroute a large section last year due to logging in the vicinity.
Further re this year's plans, PRPAWS' building schedule calls for the construction of Walt Hill Hut this summer/fall which will consume the majority of the snow-free time we will likely have available this year.
Still, the East Tin Hat Route will be improved and marked and signed in the very least, so that it will be easier to follow then, than it is now. Thank you for your input.

Devo said...

Pics added