Thursday, 9 February 2012

Trailday, Monday February 6, West Tin Hat marking and maintenance

Last Monday Terry, Bob R, Richie B and Eagle cleared from KM 81 (Fiddlehead) to KM 85 past the massive boulder slide on the way up to Tin Hat Hut. They also put up metal squares and diamonds, plus the still missing kilometre markers.

This area of mixed forest is losing all its old alders that are now dying off and tumbling down,  many of them on the trail.
Old signs remain from the era when Fiddlehead Farm was a world renowned wilderness destination.

Bob is enjoying the workout clearing the trail and making improvements on a new and safe Oscar's Crossing.
Oscar was the big friendly black dog that greeted visitors from all over the world who came to enjoy the homegrown food and relaxed atmosphere at Fiddlehead Farm.

On the way back down from halfway up the mountain the maintenance crew encountered four Dutchmen who had set themselves the challenge of trekking the Sunshine Coast Trail in winter conditions. They wanted the rugged snowbound mountains. They didn't want the easy lowland sections of the SCT. They had seven days and left Powell River Bridge on Saturday morning arriving at Haywire Bay where they were warmly welcomed by the park attendant. On Sunday they passed by Lost and Inland lakes and then ascended Confederation trail snowshoeing through deep drifts to the cabin at the other end of the lake. The hut was clean and the trekkers appreciated having a roof over their head. Monday proved to be a big day, descending 2000 feet down to Fiddlehead, then climbing up to Tin Hat Hut, a 4000 foot ascent. After Tin Hat they anticipated staying at the next hut Elk Lake, and then camp out in the Smith Range for a couple of days before emerging at Lois Lake. They are the first known hikers to trek the Sunshine Coast Trail in the winter, spending seven days, covering roughly the middle half of the trail. We hope to meet with them and hear the tales they will have to tell.

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Good stuff lads.. sounds pretty epic alright!:-) piece of history eh.. -AH.