Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Rainy Day Lake area

This week's trail day found Alex, Bruce, Joe and Ron volunteering at Rainy Day Lake not too far out of Saltery Bay. Their numbers where increased by a crew of three high school students and their supervisor collegian Mitch Green. They cut back the brushed in parts of the trail going down to Fairview Bay - and it is now good hiking through there. The BOMB Squad crew meanwhile bucked the deadfalls on the upper reaches of this trail and also cleaned out the area around the RDL campsite and up to Jackie's Lookout. Many thanks to all.

PRPAWS entered into a partnership with the BC Forest and Range Service and we were offered the services of a crew of youngsters to work on various parts of the Sunshine Coast Trail for one week. Mitch Green, Dylan Adams, Beth May, and Chad Head are also going to be doing different stints working with various organizations and businesses like the Community Forest, Kiewitt, fisheries, alder brushing with BCFRS, fire suppression, doing engineering, controlling invasive plants, and many other activities. What a great way to become familiar with the woods and get glimpses of jobs they might like to do in the future. We very much appreciate the extra help at this busy time of the year and wish them an awesome summer. Yesterday they certainly got their baptism of soakology at the aptly named Rainy Day Lake.

Have a chat with them if you encounter them along the way. Today and possibly tomorrow they are going to be brushing the Wednesday Lake to Hummingbird Bluff section of the Gwendoline Hills Trail (SCT).

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