Saturday, 11 July 2009

Gwendoline Hills and the Student Crew

This week, after the inundation from Rainy Day Lake to Fairview Bay, the summer student crew spent three hot days cutting back salal and other manner of brush on the SCT Access from Gilpin Hairpin Curve to Wednesday Lake. In the process they also cleared the Ann Gustavson Way around the west side of the warm little lake in Malaspina Park.

Snack time at Wednesday Lake: Beth, Chad, Dylan and Mitch.

Next they turned south from there and battled encroaching salal on the Sunshine Coast Trail across the spine of the Gwendoline Hills to within spitting distance of Manzanita Bluffs. They say they've been enjoying themselves and we certainly appreciate being able to hike along unencumbered by often wet shrubbery brushing against our legs. Thanks guys!

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