Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Knuckleheads: A and E Branch

The bridges at E Branch are going to be replaced, the lower bridge by the gate will be with a rail car. The upper one that is falling into the creek will be a ford. We will need to build a foot bridge this fall.
We plan to start brushing of trails in September so stay tuned and come out and help.
The project started on August 28th. The old bridge has been removed and they are working on cribbing next. The railcar is at the gate parking lot and they have the lock blocks at the bottom of E Branch.
E-100 has been brushed up to the old gravel pit, needs a lot of brushing to get to the Beta Lake Trail. Will talk to Western FP about including this into next years FIA budget, as to do this by hand would be horrific!!!

Ron Diprose

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