Sunday, 21 September 2008

Elk Lake Loop

September 20, 2008 - We tried to hike the Elk Lake Loop. We drove up the road to Granite Lake and stopped at the giant ditches.
Then we hiked up the road to Granite Lake and past it taking the left fork which is a quad road and has a skookum bridge over the stream that feeds Granite Lake.
We followed the quad road , missing the right turnoff for the old SCT, and continued to Elk Lake which is beautiful. There is only 1 muddy spot near the lake.
Had lunch at a picnic table near the Lake and wanted to hike back on the eastern spur of the loop BUT....the trail is heavily overgrown and one would get soaked by the dew on the berry bushes and alders. Then I remembered that even a couple of years ago this was a really hard trail pushing throug the brush growing on an old logging road. So we turned back and took the quad road. It's too bad because I like loops better that going in and out on the same trail. As well when the conditions are right it used to be a wonderful loop to cross country ski in winter as it only has a couple of steep places (after the climb to Granite Lake).
(I know of only a few good cross country ski places around here; the Green Road, the Bunsters, E branch to cabin, and A branch cabin)
Of course I have no right to complain as I am not one of the hardworking people that makes and clears these trails.
But I do suggest that on the next map and SCT book it no longer be called the Elk Lake Loop and the eastern trail be dropped off the maps as bush wacking would be easier in places than the eastern Elk Lake Loop trail.

Peter Behr

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Eagle Waltz said...

Hi Peter,

Better still,

Let's clear out the Elk Lake Loop so we can hike it and snowshoe it. A crew was hired last fall to clear it out but ran into early snow and had to abandon plans.

Now the crew is being redeployed and I will be taking them up on Thursday to begin the contract next week. As always I really do appreciate all your reports Peter, and it seems that on this one too we are on the same wavelength. Incidentally, Also cleared will be the trail up from Granite Lake to Coyote Lake and on to the foot of Walt Hill. Walt Hill was done last year.

Once Elk Lake and Coyote are done that will only leave a section from Fairview Bay to Rainy Day Lake, and a rebrushing through the East Troubridge cutblock, and we will have cleared the whole of the SCT from top to bottom, some sections of which hadn't been done in years such as Fiddlehead to Confederation, and Fiddlehead to Tinhat summit (West Tinhat).

Of course that still will leave us with the ignominy of what the rest of March Lake trail will look like when the loggers are through with it probably some time next year. (You have to use the old Alaska Pine Road for a short cut at this point.)

Last Tuesday I was up with Bruce to clear that trail from beyond the logging and planned logging. We started from near the March Creek OGMA east and south of Alaska Pine and up to Elk Lake. That's all clear now. Yes, Elk Lake is beautiful. I will be doing an update on that today or tomorrow.

Also we are working on starting Phase 3 of our business plan and putting shelters on the SCT. We are beginning with one at Fairview Bay and another on Troubridge summit.


Eagle Waltz

ps: Do what you can please to talk up the Millennium Park Referendum, if you are so inclined. We need a groundswell of support to make this become a reality. Thanks