Monday, 16 July 2012

Maintenance, Reopenings, Reroutes to July 14, 2012

Recent maintenance activities, and reopenings, as well as reroutes on the SCT:
  • Mowat Bay from Powell River Bridge to Mowat Bay - cleared out
  • Community track from Mowat Bay to Tony's Trail Connector - unobstructed
  • March Lake section bucked and cleaned, though still tricky navigation with road and trail sharing the same location - will soon provide logging map that shows the trail in the SCT website's new map section
  • Will also post Fiddlehead area map info in the new map section
  • Map of reroute on Tin Hat Mountain will also be posted there
  • Eagle River Trail from Dixon Road north to Goat Main reopened - blow down has been salvaged
  • Eagle River from ford to dam - cleared out
  • Lois Lakeshore - the blowdown in first km from dam toward Branch 41 - bucked and cleared

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