Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Creek Four and Spring/Lewis Lake Reopened

Recent trail closures due to nearby road building activities of two sections of the Sunshine Coast Trail (Creek Four up from Lois Lake up toward Elephant Lake, as well as from Spring Lake to Lewis Lake) have run their course. The SCT is open again in these two sections, as is the trail just to the north of Fiddlehead Farm near the old Giovanni Creek bridge.

One section up from Dixon Road to Mile 4 at Goat Main has been closed due to about a dozen large trees that blew down in the late winter storm have to be dealt with yet by Western FP. There is no joy in trying to go through that tangle and so it has been blocked off for now and will very soon be reopened again as this is a very popular and usually very accessible section of the SCT. Reroute signage has been put in place. Stay tuned. We will inform you of the reopening.

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