Saturday, 28 April 2012

Finishing Touches prior to Shuffle

We have been putting the finishing touches to the Shuffle route.

A small bridge across a tributary stream below Toquenatch Falls received some new decking. The recent rains have saturated the ground, the streams and creeks are running vigorously, and some of the rich soils of the "jungles" are testing our claim of having the Sunshine Coast Trail 99% mud-free. There are a few soft spots that a hundred of the registered feet might expose, adding an adventurous allure for some of the shufflers.

For those who would prefer a real slushy experience just for the fun of it, we have a special section along Little Sliammon Lake where the beavers have been busy raising the level of the lake by nearly a foot and putting a stretch of the trail under water. This will be really fun. You can't miss it.

Well, actually you can, if you want. We built a 100 foot trail reroute that is high and dry, and will allow you to keep your feet cosy if you prefer that option.


The latest addition on the SCT accommodations side of things are some surprise shelters.


The architects and builders of these shelters are unknown, but a minimalist abode such as this is something everyone should try out, at least once.

 These shelters come with fire ring, lean-to and privy, and have their very own je n'est sais quoi.

 Layers of hemlock boughs promise a soft and aromatic rest.

 Rear view of one of the idyllic Homestead Haunts. Come back and stay awhile.

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