Saturday, 19 November 2011

Knuckleheads via E Branch - Peter and Paul

Lots of snow. Quad with tracks made it to the trailhead on E branch. 
Some deep steep snow to start. Snowshoes necessary. 

Ptarmigan in winter plumage.
Mount Diadem toward the east.
Lakes Alpha, Beta and Gamma all frozen as was the waterfall. It's an early winter!

  We saw a big bull elk, but did not get the picture. Lots of rabbit tracks.

Ice City

How do these trees tough it out?

Paul: Got easier as we went up.

Peter: Made the saddle and the smaller peak.

  Very cold. Some great sun and views.
Given the amount of snow this may be the last sub-alpine hike for a few months. 

Pictures and captions by Peter and Paul

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