Monday, 25 April 2011

SCT trail work

During March and April of 2011 members of the Bomb Squad did the following work on the Sunshine Coast Trail. Their work is much appreciated. Report by Ron Sellers and Bruce McDonald.
· cleaned Valentine mountain trail from Mowat Bay
· cleaned trail from Squirrel Crossing to road above Larsen’s Landing and Yew Trail to Mud Lake & back.
· cleaned Tees Kwat trail & built new bypass.
· finished bypass on Tees Kwat trail & cleaned trail from pole 272 to Browne Creek Trail
· cleaned SCT from Wilde Road to Shangri-La
· cleaned SCT Tony’s Trail from Telus road to Haywire Bay.
· cleaned SCT from Malaspina road to Southview road
· cleaned Lost Lake Loop. Fixed boardwalk. Cleaned bridges & boardwalks. Drained water from road.
· cleaned Upper Marathon trail.
· cleaned Appleton Canyon Trail to Wilde Road.
· cleaned Scout Mountain Trail.
· cleaned Brown Creek Trail to Hurtado Point & Bay & out to pole 350.
finished new bridge on Marathon Trail & cleaned up old bridge.

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