Friday, 25 February 2011

Mt Troubridge from Rainy Day Main

Troubridge summit coordinates: N 49.48.739 / W 124.10.118

Troubridge cabin cooridnates: N 49.48.727 / W 124.10.646

3 of us spent the night up at Troubridge on Feb 22. Went up from Rainy Day side and it took 5 hrs up and 3 hrs down. Didn't need snow shoes until about half way up. We took some dishes up, but there is still lots more at the bottom, so please bring more up.

As you get towards the top of the summit lots of the trail markers are buried in snow and from the summit to the cabin, there was a 5 minute stretch with all the markers buried, which I have since reflagged in pink or green. There is a nice packed trail to follow for now, but if there is more snow up there, make sure you have a GPS and know where you are going, as it would be easy to get lost. The SCT trail North from the summit is completely buried and no tracks at all, and only the bypass to the cabin is flagged.

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