Monday, 20 December 2010

3 K Bluff to Manzanita Bluff - Trail Closure

Currently Island Timberlands Limited Partnership is extending its logging roads into the far corners of its Okeover timbered property. Logging will begin after the roads are built. A section of the Sunshine Coast Trail beyond 3 km north of Malaspina Road runs through IT's property. This part of the trail north of 3 K Bluff is closed for the time being until logging is complete sometime early in the new year. You can still go as far as the new bench at the edge of Krompocker's clearing.

Through discussions and a field visit PRPAWS and Island Timberlands agreed on a buffer along the majority of the trail up toward Manzanita Bluff. PAWS was also given the opportunity to relocate part of the trail into an existing riparian zone which will not be logged. Once logging is complete PAWS will finish the rerouting of the SCT and then re-open the trail.

PAWS really appreciates the accommodations made by the forest company to the recreation and tourism values inherent in the Sunshine Coast Trail. Even the

Rhododendron patch was incorporated into the trail buffer and will continue to please and surprise the hiking public in the coming spring.

PAWS will also work on its next shelter project which is slated to be built next year on Manzanita Bluffs. We will be planning a grand opening in 2011.

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