Saturday, 27 November 2010

Benches & Picnic Tables

Retired logger Emil Krompocker bucked the mainstream of the forest industry and left old growth trees within the cutblock he harvested - something not commonly seen in our region until he decided to save some nice old veterans in this setting a couple of decades ago. Now Don is enjoying the view over Okeover Inlet and the Bunster Hills in the background. Maybe dad will go for a picnic and enjoy the view as well.

Completed bench at Kokanee Creek campsite on the north shore of Sliammon Lake

First stage of Kokanee Creek bench

Scott and Rascal rest at Thethyeth Lake (Upper Sliammon)

First iteration of Thethyeth bench. Not Three Fat Asses approved, requiring modi-fication.

Kayach Bluff bench overlooking Sliammon Lake

Ahlstrom Point bench at mouth of Jervis Inlet

Richie, Don, Andy and Ron enjoy their lunch at Fairview Bay, a pleasant break from building Fairview Bay shelter with sleeping loft

Fairview Bay shelter with inside and outside picnic tables

Bench overlooking south end of Fairview Bay

Picnic table and tent pad set in the old growth at the edge of Coyote Lake

The new campsite picnic table at the foot of Hailstone Bluff on Rainy Day Lake

The inside picnic table of Rainy Day Lake shelter is made with dimension lumber, thus movable to make room if the sleeping loft above is full up.

Rieveley's Pond shelter near Appleton Canyon sports a bench, a picnic table, and of course the ubiquitous cooking counter.

Elk Lake antique anno 2001, at the building site of a new shelter to be built in 2011

The Smokey Smith bench on the new reroute up from Mile 4 on Goat Main.

Also built during the onset of this snowy season, Stairway to Heaven bench, north of Mile 4 Goat Main

Haywire Bay Bluff with fabulous views of lower Powell Lake and the mountains surrounding it.

Table and benches inside of the Mount Troubridge Hut. Eagle, Brian and Jim relaxing at the end of a working day.

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