Friday, 18 June 2010

Rainy Day Lake Shelter

Inspecting the new shelter site on Hailstone Bluff overlooking Rainy Day Lake

Time to get to work to clear the site.

Two hundred and fifty hours of site preparation using hand tools and we are ready to begin construction. Attaching the sono tubes to a wooden framework comes first.

Then we mix concrete by hand and fill the tubes to the same level, and let it cure. Some BOMBers had a hand in the foundation too.

After partnering with the Bloody Old Men's Brigade (BOMB Squad) for the Rieveley's Pond Shelter, PRPAWS invited the PR Rotary Club to work with them on the Rainy Day Lake Shelter. One Sunday in early June a big Rotary crew came out and erected the cedar posts we had manufactured on site.

Next the beams went up, followed by scaffolding.

After that the gables and trusses were put in place,

then the strapping.

At the end of a hard day's fun and games the shelter has taken shape and we are happy and tired.
The ATV Club showed up too and put up the outhouse we had dug a hole for.

It seems to be big enough.

Before we were finished, some unexpected guests showed up one day just as we're about to pull out. Six British Army guys doing the Sunshine Coast Trail for five days, just coming down from Troubridge that afternoon, heavy packs.

The loft was in.

Here are the first railings we installed on the second day of summer. A couple more to come, plus ponywalls, steps, picnic table, shutters and a few odds and ends to be finished in the coming weeks.

This week the shutters are in place,

the floors got a second coat of paint,

plus the rest of the railings, the pony walls and the cooking counters were manufactured by the merry crew of volunteers.

Two six-foot sleepers, two three foot shorties on top of them, a couple of chainsaw ripped cedar slabs for seats, and three two by twelves as table surface - and bingo, a few hours and some sweat equity later we have a new rustic picnic table down at the campsite below Hailstone Bluff.

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