Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Centre Lakes Alpine Hike

There is a small landslide blocking off the road to Centre Lakes about 3 km before the trail head. This adds 70-90 min. walk uphill and about 45 min. downhill. Many alders and willows have bent over (from the now disappeared snow load) slowing the roadwalk. I told the trees to straighten up which may work. It was a wet walk.

We camped at the trail head parking lot and hiked the trail the next morning. The first 2 km of trail is encroached upon by berry bushes but still visible. The rest of the trail was in good shape and pretty easy to follow with no snow on it. Using tape we marked the path in the open heather covered area. This is one of the prettiest walks in the district as most of the trail has great mountain views.

The warm spring means there are only a few patches of snow left and we never used our crampons. We walked to the first mountaintop on the right before reaching the second lake. The circle walk around the second lake is too snowy to do yet.

Peter Behr

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