Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Confederation Cabin

View of Confederation Lake from Confederation Cabin back towards Pearson Pass where the Sunshine Coast Trail comes up from Inland Lake and Powell River.

About Confederation Cabin: the cabin itself is structurally sound and attractive from the outside.

But once you enter be prepared to wade through garbage.

An entrepreneurial recycler could make a fortune returning the wine and whiskey bottles that have arrived there and stayed there with the advent of an ATV trail that has been pushed down into the proximity of Confederation Lake down from Mahony Main. This lake and its cabin are part of Inland Lake Provincial Park.

It's not likely that the folks who created this mess will clean it up, as they appear to be in the business of making it grow. So to make this wonderful cabin and potentially valuable recreation/tourism resource useable again will take some effort. We have contacted BC Parks and now that they have become aware of the conditions they have committed to clean it up in the next couple of weeks. A missing stove pipe needs replacing as well.

This coming Sunday, a group of hikers have made this cabin their destination, but they will not be impressed favourably. We look forward to tidy conditions once again.

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