Saturday, 12 April 2008

Little Sliammon Lake

Over the last two months PAWS and the BOMB Squad have been busy rerouting the Sunshine Coast Trail around a new clearcut that impacted the location of a part of the SCT. Through cooperation with Sliammon we established where the new trail reroute would be located and then proceded to build it.

The BOMB Squad has constructed a 72-foot long wooden bridge, as well as a picnic table. Now they are busy building a shelter, boardwalk and swimming dock all with materials found on site. Sliammon has made a $2000.00 donation to PAWS, which we are sharing with the BOMB Squad. Our thanks go out to the Bomb and Sliammon, as well as of course our own intrepid volunteers. Come out and see the new facility, have a picnic, relax. It's an hour's hike from the end of Sutherland Street in Wildwood, or two hours coming the opposite way from 6 km up Wilde (Tomkinson) Road via Kayach Bluff and Big Sliammon Lake.

A Half Marathon Shuffle on Saturday April 26 would take you right through from Wilde Road to Sutherland Street, a marvelous 3 hour hike. Get dropped off and picked up. The Half Shuffle begins at 10:30 am, while full Marathon Shuffle starts at 8:30 am on Malaspina Road.

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